Shari’s Animal Intuitive Service… What’s Your Pet Saying to You?

I am now offering my services as an Animal Behaviorist to help you to understand what your pet needs from you.

I received Animal Communicator Certification in 2003 from Marta Williams, a well-known animal communicator who consults with people and their animals and travels internationally to lecture and teach. She has also written 3 books called “Learning Their Language”, “Beyond Words” and more recently “Ask Your Animal.”

I will drive to your location and render my services in person at a very reasonable rate, as I want to assist animals in any way I can.

Please book ahead as soon as possible.


See What People Are Saying

“This reference is made on behalf of Shari Rosenthal who came to my home and helped me in the last few days my dear cat Patches was here. I originally thought that Shari could come to my home when I was out of town to take care of Patches, instead of my sending Patches to boarding place 40 minutes away.

So, I wanted to have Shari come to the house in order for me to meet her. However, when I finally got around to it, Patches was doing very poorly and I was in anguish about it. Shari suggested that she come to speak with Patches and I agreed.

I found Shari very gracious and gentle. She seemed to be able to discern what Patches wanted and needed very well and was able to communicate that to me in a clear way. I am grateful for Shari’s visit. It made the passing of Patches easier for me and gave me closure.

I would recommend Shari to anyone who has a pet that needs tender and loving care. I would also recommend Shari to anyone who needs to communicate with their pet better, because I feel that Shari has this gift.” ~ Suzanne D. Albert



“I’m writing as a reference for Shari Rosenthal, who is a skilled animal intuitive. Several years ago during the summer I asked Shari to come to my house to help me understand what my cat, Leroy, was going through. He had been very sick for some time, and I wanted to help him feel better. I left Shari alone with Leroy in the guest room, where he was hiding. He came out and sat on the bed while she communicated with him. What was so impressive to me was that he let Shari know things she would have no other way of knowing, such as his favorite places outside where he’d been hiding. I knew of those hiding places, but there was no way Shari could have known them … When I returned late at night after two weeks [after leaving Leroy in care of neighbor] … Leroy had died very suddenly. I felt terrible that I had not been there for him, but I was even more appreciative that Shari had helped me understand him better during his last months.” ~ Judy, Conn College, New London